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Camille Banks Lee

" I help perfectionists break down

walls, embrace their flaws, and reveal their authentic selves!"

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My Story

Camille Banks-Lee, LCSWR, is a psychotherapist in private clinical practice. She began her career in education as a public school teacher before tragedy pushed her into careers in mental health and social Work. She is the CEO of CBL Psychotherapy LLC, her solo private practice in New York.

She has been featured on Peace of Mind with Taraji P. Henson and worked with the NBA Players Association on creating safe spaces for men to talk about real issues. She has appeared on numerous podcasts and is a mental health public speaker on topics such as grief and loss as well as perfectionism, authenticity, and self-esteem.

She served as a middle school teacher and administrator for ten years in the Ossining Union Free School District.

Camille has been an adjunct professor at Manhattanville College and served as the Executive Director for the City of Mount Vernon Youth Bureau. She is on the Board of Trustees for Fordham Preparatory and sits on the Advisory Board for the Child Development Institute at Sarah Lawrence College.




Image by Tina Witherspoon

SERIES: Camille's Candles

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